Well nerves were all of a jitter a couple of days ago when I got the call from Keith Newman of HighlightsPR, who had spotted that I had scored a hat trick with my recycled and up-cycled millinery headpieces. So fascinated was he that he introduced me to BBC Newcastle’s sparkling, vivacious, the one & only Sue Sweeney. Gosh was I nervous when I arrived at BBC Newcastle Barrack Road studios to be by interviewed by Sue!

Sue immediately calmed my nerves and very quickly got me to talk about my fascination with all things millinery but particularly the pieces that have been selected for the two London Hat Week exhibitions – XTerrace Platform & The Cupola Exhibition. She even tried on a hat or too! It was all over in a flash, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Here’s the transcript – just copy & paste it to listen to the interview at 1hr 15mins: